2023 March for Life and National Summit

Pennsylvanians For Human Life was pleased to support participation by local high school students in this year’s National Pro-Life Summit.

Thank you to the students, teachers and others who helped make this a success!


I am incredibly grateful for all you do to further and advance the Pro-Life movement. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to this conference and learn so much. The most valuable experience that I will take from this conference is something that Kristina Massa said in her speech. When speaking to a pro-abortion person, Kristina stopped in her tracks and asked the person, “Do you think your life has value?” The person replied, “honestly, no.” This reminded me that it is important to build a culture of life for all. I really appreciated everything I learned and everything I got to experience this weekend.

Valeria Guerin
Villa Maria Academy

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the 2023 summit for my second time. It was an amazing experience. My favorite speaker was from Generation Life about Dignity in dating. I really liked this talk because it gave me a lot of insight to questions I have had. Now I know specific dating rules that I should keep in mind. For example keep the first date brief, you have a second date you can look forward to. I also learned that I need to have more of a presence on social media because even in the small ways we are always fighting.
Thanks and God Bless!

Zoe Lynch
Bishop Shanahan High School

This weekend was very powerful because it made me want to do more in my community. Abby Johnson made a very interesting point that stuck with me and it was that we should not only be fighting to protect the babies, but also praying and fighting to convert the workers at the abortion facilities. This made me realize that they are just as important as the child in the womb, and Jesus loves them the same.  Jesus will show them infinite mercy, so we should fight to help them.  Going forward, I will be praying more for these people, as well as doing more with my school and family.

Nick DeMaio
Regina Luminis Academy

I want to thank PHL and the Pro-Life Union for hosting an amazing summit. My favorite part was when Abby Johnson spoke, I thought her talk was very impactful on the important issue that is abortion. I will definitely continue to attend more of the National Pro Life summits to come.

Emily Garecht
Cardinal O’Hara High School

I really enjoyed being able to attend the Students for Life of America Summit again this year! I learned so much about how while Roe v Wade may be over, our fight isn’t, and the ways I can contribute to making abortion unthinkable. I really enjoyed getting to hear from incredible speakers like Kristin Hawkins and Toni McFadden. I went to a lot of leadership breakouts, and I am eager to share the opportunities I learned about with my Respect Life Club back at school!

Grace Meisenhelter
Bishop Shanahan High School